Whipped Secrets

by Three Legged Race



Three Legged Race side of split LP with Rene Hell on Arbor (www.arborinfinity.com)
ARBOR 111, Edition of 400 copies, Out of Print.

Produced by Ed Sunspot at Resonant Hole, Lexington, KY 2009-2010. For Ben Allen.

"The flipside is similarly dark and mysterious and electronic, courtesy of Three Legged Race, aka Robert Beatty, who starts his side off with an unexpected chunk of woozy, lo-fi Scott Tuma like loner folk guitar haze, all murky and spidery, underpinned by a soft field of hauzy crackly thrum, glistening melodies drifting in the ether, hushed and lovely, until... in swoop some super twisted processed robotic vox, heavily effected and distorted and crunchy, totally at odds with the rest of the song, but it somehow sort of works.
After a brief swath of Radiophonic Workshop style electronic percolations, raw outer space shimmer, sixties sci-fi sound effects and hauntological bleep and bloop, the record blossoms into a sprawling stretch of glitched out primitive analog electronics, sounding a bit like Bruce Haack, but way more fractured and distorted and processed, a malfunctioning starfield of sound that manages to be weirdly melodic and subtly rhythmic, the background growing louder and murkier and more ominous as the track progresses. So good. Both sides are incredible. Way recommended for fans of the burgeoning new wave of spaced out sci-fi synth drone, especially folks who might be on the hunt for something darker and weirder and slightly more cracked." -Aquarius Records

"If [Rene Hell's] side was about the journey, Beatty's Three Legged race side is like the arrival on some unknown planet, starting out wide eyed and agog with alien folk melodies and garbled, indecipherable voices attempting to make contact before the scale of the mission sets in and we're on isolationist tape music territory, richly evocative of the Radiophonic Workshop or Morton Subotnik - but is this real or a VR simulation? From here til the end the melodic landscape becomes more fragmented and pixellated with an unpredictable logic sounding like it was programmed at Keith Fullerton Whitman's labs back on Terra, while the feeling of being stranded out starts to become more appealing. If deep space missions are your thing, this one is worth your undivided attentions. " -Boomkat


released November 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Three Legged Race Lexington, Kentucky

Robert Beatty, Resonant Hole, Lexington, Kentucky. For all booking, press, etc. contact robert@robertbeattyart.com

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