Raining Order

by Three Legged Race

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Synthesizer and processed vocals.
Released by NNA Tapes, NNA022.
Ainsley Wagoner- Voice

"In somnambulant mood, Beatty lulls us into a softly glowing, fleshy world of 'Raining Order', textured surfaces glistening with micro-tonal harmonics while a lone lady (Ainsley Wagoner) beckons from the distance, ushering us closer to the core, which just happens to be a tape loop playing in a cold, hollow, windowless room. After this realisation 'Raining Whisper' takes a darker form, scuttling micro-organisms scurry down the ear canal and wraithe-like shapes flit through the airspace, seemingly sensitive to vibrations so we remain quieter, more still so as not to alert them to our presence. Vividly affecting sounds." -Boomkat


released February 1, 2011



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Three Legged Race Lexington, Kentucky

Robert Beatty, Resonant Hole, Lexington, Kentucky. For all booking, press, etc. contact robert@robertbeattyart.com

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